Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions on our company, the technology and the products.

nanoPix Integrated Software Solutions is an image and video processing product company focusing on applications for Indian market. A culture of innovation and passion drives us to serve our customers. This has helped us to create solutions for the evolving Indian industry. Our products are a testimony to the innovation that pans out in every single action of ours.
ImageIn technology is a unique computer vision technology that is used to analyze a given object in a 3 Dimensional space. Conventionally the 3-D analysis is done by revolving a camera around an object and taking multiple images to reconstruct the 3-D model of the given object or it can be done by keeping various synchronous cameras whose frame rate, frame number etc. are all same to capture images from multiple angles and then reconstruct a 3-D model for analysis. Unlike the conventional method, ImageIn technology does not reconstruct a 3-D model. It instead analyses the region of interest in the 3 Dimensional space over a distributed computation. This technology is inspired by the nature's compound eye principle found in most insects. There are multiple eyes which analyze a small region of interest thus at large the brain can see the things in 3-D unlike a human eye.
All the nanoSorter range of cashew grading machines is based on the patented imageIn Technology. You can sort cashews by color, size and type in a Single Pass. It helps not only in overcoming the challenges of labour but also in getting quick return on investment. Cashew grading in India has been transformed thanks to the use of imageIn technology in sorting.
Currently nanoPix manufactures 3 types of cashew grading machines viz., nanoSorter Shuka, nanoSorter Hamsa and nanoSorter Hamsa+.
nanoSorter Shuka has made cashew grading affordable by every cashew processor in India. The features and benefits include,
  • 50Kg Throughput Per Hour
  • 5+2 Grades, 95% Accuracy
  • 2% or less breakage
  • Defect & Husk Removal
  • Controllable Grades 180/210, 240, 320, 400 and (SW) Scorched Wholes
  • Plug and Play System
  • 24 Hours Duty Cycle
  • 5HP Total Power, Single Phase
nanoSorter Hamsa offers several features and benefits to small & medium sized cashew
  • 75kg Through-put per Hour
  • 5+2 Grades, 95% Accuracy
  • 2% or less Breakage
  • Defect and Husk removal
  • Controllable Grades 180, 240, 320, 400 and (SW) Scorched Wholes
  • Color Grading included
  • Plug and Play System
  • Simple System suitable for Mid-range Manufacturers
  • 10HP Total Power, 3-Phase
nanoSorter Hamsa+ offers several features and benefits to cashew units who process more than 100 RCN Per Day.
  • 125 kg Through-put per Hour.
  • 5 + 2 Grades, 95% Accuracy.
  • 2 % or less Breakage.
  • Defect and Husk Removal.
  • Controllable Grades 180/210, 240, 320, 400 and (SW) Scorched Wholes
  • Plug and Play System
  • Simple System Suitable for cashew Processors
  • 24 hours Duty Cycle
  • 11Hp Total Power, 3- Phase.
Our sales team will be glad to help you with all your queries on nanoSorters. You can reach them out at +91 7022299990 or email to or simply fill out this simple form with your message at and we shall get in touch with you.
Our nanoSorter customers are spread across India. Responses of some of them have been given here for reference.

“With nanoSorter Hamsa, we could double our throughput. It is very user friendly, any non-technical person can also operate”
- Mr.Prakasha Kalbavi, Kalbavi Cashews

“In manual grading there is a variation of 10%, but with nanoSorter, grades are uniform. Service is taken care within 24 Hours”
- Mr.Satish Pai, Gajanana Cashew Industries

“nanoSorter Hamsa+ has been a valuable machinery in our factory since its inception”
- Mr.Vasanth Hegde, Jayalaxmi Cashews

nanoPix is led by visionaries and highly competent Engineers who have made innovation and excellence a way of life at nanoPix. The vision of the company is “to increase 5% value of 1% Indian Agro Produce by Grading in 2018”. To know more on the Team click here
nanoSorters give the best rate of return on your investment. Our team can help you with actual and real life calculations to help you take an informed decision. Pls fill out the form at and we will get in touch with you to provide you with the required calculations.
Daily and Weekly maintenance of the machine can be done by your staff as per the guidelines of the user manual. Our service team can also help educate and train your staff to take care of the machine. The machine is simple to operate and even a non-technical person can operate.

Pls call +91 7022236524 to book a service call.

Within 2 days of the booking, the machine will be attended to.

If you still have questions, please call us at +91 7204036524 or fill out this form at and we will get in touch with you to solve your queries.