NanoSorter Cashew Grading Machine

nanoPix nanoSorters cashew grading machines

Each year over 1.8 million metric tons of raw cashew seeds are produced in 19 countries, with major producers being India, Brazil and Vietnam. Quality cashew grading is still considered a challenge. Generally it is observed that,

  • Visual Inspection is needed.
  • Manual sorting has to be done in many cases
  • The process of grading is becoming more expensive
  • Factories are affected by labour issues
  • Inexperienced labour can create error in grading

These challenges of our customers were researched by the team of engineers at nanoPix for a solution, the result was imageIn technology. This technology powers our nanoSorter range of fully automated cashew grading machines with multi-grading functions. They can sort by color, size and type in a Single Pass, making nanoPix, a leading cashew grading machine seller in India.

nanoPix nanoSorters cashew grading machines are available in 50KG, 75KG and 125KG grading capacities in 5 Plus 2 grades.

1. nanoSorter Shuka

50KG Through-put per Hour.
5 + 2 Grades, 95% Accuracy.

2. nanoSorter Hamsa

The specifications of nanoSorter Hamsa

75kg Through-put per Hour
5+2 Grades, 95% Accuracy
2% or less Breakage
Defect and Husk removal
Controllable Grades 180, 240, 320, 400
Color Grading included
Plug and Play System
Simple System suitable for Mid-range Manufacturers
24 hours Duty Cycle
7HP Total Power, 3-Phase

2. nanoSorter Hamsa+

The specifications of nanoSorter Hamsa+

125 kg Through-put per Hour.
5 + 2 Grades, 95% Accuracy.
2 % or less Breakage.
Defect and Husk Removal.
Controllable Grades 180/210, 240, 320, 400.
Plug and Play System
Simple System Suitable for cashew Processors
24 hours Duty Cycle
11Hp Total Power, 3- Phase.