Cinque Terre

nanoSorter Hamsa

Simple way to scale grading.

Highlights of nanoSorter Hamsa

  • 75Kg Throughput Per Hour
  • 5+2 Grades
  • Single Pass
  • 95% Accuracy
  • 2% or less Breakage
  • Defect and Husk removal
  • Controllable Grades 180/210, 240, 320, 400 and SW(Scorched Wholes)
  • Plug and Play System
  • 24 Hours Duty Cycle
  • 10HP Total Power, Three Phase

What our customers say:

“With nanoSorter Hamsa, we could double our throughput. It is very user friendly, any non-technical person can also operate”.

Kalbavi Cashews

Kalbavi Cashews.