Innovation is a state of our mind; it’s not a point that we have to arrive at. In fact it’s a way of life that pushes us to keep creating new things. Innovation is one of the key factors for organizations to survive or sustain because they have to keep an edge in the competitive spaces they are operating in.

Every day is important. Conventionally it’s difficult to be always creative and have a different approach to the regular or mundane things. According to me, one of the ways to be so is to be like water; combine with anything and you get mixed so well that new possibilities emerge. Fundamentally if we look at our planet, one of the reasons why life exists here and not anywhere else (at least not in our solar system) is because of the sheer desire for the elements to combine and recombine to form new compounds. That is innovation, creating possibilities, creating the unknown.

Now one may ask, how to be creative and innovative. I say look deeper and question things the way they are. A mind that is constantly questioning is a mind that is constantly on the move to explore new possibilities and when the mind is pushing to explore, it creates many things. Creation becomes a by-product of a mind that is exploring. Creation becomes a way of life that is constantly in pursuit to bring in change, constantly involved in making a difference. This is what I call as being innovative, this is what drives us forward and keeps us moving ahead.

By nature we are meant to be curious and evolution is a constant process. We are designed to be creative, it’s just that we need to be aware of it and harness it in the right direction to propel mankind to greater heights. Most importantly, we need to live in harmony with nature and also close to it because that’s where the possibilities to combine and recombine originate. This maximizes the possibilities and when we maximize the possibilities, we are moving forward, we are creating new things & in short we are being Innovative.

At nanoPix we have learnt that what can be true for an individual, can be true for an organization also. Even an organization can be constantly on an innovative mode. The advantage is that the synergy adds up and becomes more than the sum of the parts. All our innovations have had clear and precise inputs from each of the member of the company. This not only helps in coming out with new products but also in understanding customers better and creating solutions that are non-obvious. With 28 patents filed in the last 3 years, the approach for sure is working.

Author: Anup Vijapur, Chief Innovation Officer, nanoPix ISS Pvt. Ltd.

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