India being predominant in agribusiness sector has attained a remarkable boom. Challenge is to increase the processing efficiency of raw material to meet the commitment of the processing industry. The gap can be filled with innovative processing technologies in this space.

cashew nut grading

Cashew nut being an economically valuable commodity attracts many to indulge in benefitting from it. From the very first stage of a cashew nut till its consumption, a great amount of processing is required to get the adequate quality of cashew nut at a fair price. This can be achieved by adding innovative cashew processing solutions to the business that can eliminate the tedious processing time & provide standard results. One such example for this can be cashew nut grading machines that are capable of grading a large amount of cashew nuts based on their colour, size & other qualities which then can be sold at appropriate prices. Every cashew nut possesses different property & thus there is a separate economic value attached to it. The intention is to separate the nuts before its commercialisation into different categories based on their colour, size or shape or any other requirement & then market it.

Lesser processing time & higher grading efficiency is something which is expected from the cashew grading machines. Grading through imaging technique has helped the industry achieve notable grading efficiency in comparatively lesser time; the same can be improved with innovations in this space that can boost the number of cashew inspections per second with a broader colour range in grading cashews.

imageIn Your FutureTM where cashews are graded with high accuracy, less human intervention and at a far lesser cost than ever before.

Author: Patents Team, nanoPix ISS Pvt. Ltd. 

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