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    Higher Quality Grading
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    Affordable Grading, now within
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The Final Word on Grading

nanoPix Integrated Software Solutions is an image and video processing product company focusing on cutting edge applications for the grading market. We deliver cutting-edge and rugged solutions borne out of our unique Research & Development efforts. The Company supports a high culture of innovation and is responsible for launching the R&D careers of many engineers in India.

Our flagship product, the nanoSorter range of machines is based on the patented imageIn Technology. Unlike the conventional 3-D analysis, imageIn Technology does not reconstruct a 3-D model. Instead it analyses the region of interest in the 3-D space over a distributed computation. This technology is inspired by the nature's compound eye principle found in most insects.

nanoPix nanoSorter cashew grading machines are known for their accuracy and efficiency. Now you can sort cashews by color, size and characteristics in a Single Pass, with assured Return on Investment. nanoSorters are known for increasing labour productivity and achieve low power consumption. Imagine a future where cashews are graded with high accuracy, less human intervention and at a far lesser cost than ever before.

With our customers spread across 16 States in India and exports to Vietnam our products have now met the global standards of performance. nanoPix is fast emerging to be an industry partner for innovation and further mechanization in the food processing industry.


The specifications of nanoSorter Shuka

50Kg Throughput Per Hour
5+2 Grades, 95% Accuracy
2% or less Breakage
Defect and Husk removal
Controllable Grades 180/210, 240, 320, 400
Plug and Play System
24 Hours Duty Cycle
5HP Total Power, Single Phase

nanoSorter Hamsa

The specifications of nanoSorter Hamsa

75kg Through-put per Hour
5+2 Grades, 95% Accuracy
2% or less Breakage
Defect and Husk removal
Controllable Grades 180, 240, 320, 400
Color Grading included
Plug and Play System
Simple System suitable for Mid-range Manufacturers
24 hours Duty Cycle
7HP Total Power, 3-Phase

nanoSorter Hamsa+

The specifications of nanoSorter Hamsa+

125 kg Through-put per Hour.
5 + 2 Grades, 95% Accuracy.
2 % or less Breakage.
Defect and Husk Removal.
Controllable Grades 180/210, 240, 320, 400.
Plug and Play System
Simple System Suitable for cashew Processors
24 hours Duty Cycle
11Hp Total Power, 3- Phase.

nanoSorter Hamsa++

The specifications of nanoSorter Hamsa++

175KG Throughput Per Hour
5+2 Grades.
95% Accuracy.
2% or Less Breakage.
Defect and Husk removal.
11HP Total Power, 3 Phase.
24 Hours Duty Cycle
Controllable Grades - 180/210, 240, 320, 400, SW.

nanoSorter Mayur

The specifications of nanoSorter Mayur

7+2 grades.
13 HP, 3 Phase
200Kg Throughput/Hr.
95% Accurate Size and Color Grading.
12 Camera Vision Technology.
Direct Feeding from Peeling Machine

Program1: Colour grading =W1, W2, Mild Defects (SW) , Major Defect (Spots), Husk (for Hand peel), Testa (Recycle to Peeling machine), Rejects

Program2: Size grading=W180/W210, W240, W320, W400/W450, Defects, Husk, Rejects

Latest News & Events

nanoSorter Shuka Launched:

nanoPix launches nanoSorter Shuka at the Odisha Cashew Expo in Bhubaneshwar. The machine has 50Kg Throughput Per Hour with 5+2 Grades in a Single Pass.


Start-Up India, Stand-Up India conference

nanoPix CEO has been invited to participate in the "Start-Up India, Stand-Up India conference to be held on January 16th 2016, a pet project of Mr.Narendra Modi.

Our Client say's

"nanoPix Hamsa+ is the best replacement of manual grading. Our material movement speed and hygiene increased. A very user friendly machine, can be operated with basic training."


With nanoSorter Hamsa we could double our throughput. It is very user friendly, any non-technical person can also operate.

Kalbavi Cashews

Kalbavi Cashews, Mangalore

In manual grading there is a variation of 10%, but with nanoSorter, grades are uniform. Service is taken care within 24 Hours


Gajanan Cashew Industries

nanoSorter Hamsa+ has been a valuable machinery in our factory since its conception.


Jayalaxmi Cashews